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Writing A First-Rate Personal Statement with Storm Essay

Writing A First-Rate Personal Statement with Storm Essay photo

The success of your personal statement depends on your ability to express your opinion clearly and create an engaging story. But before starting to write, it is necessary to understand which type of personal statement you are going to write.

There are two types:

  1. The common personal statement, the one that is more official and presents you in a more professional way. At the same time, it allows you to write anything you want, describe any event of your life under one condition — the piece has to be written in an appropriate manner. Often, such personal statements are required at law and medical colleges.
  2. The personal statement that provides an answer to a certain question. It is many colleges’ way to get to know their applicant closer. It is an opportunity for a writer to express their thoughts on a particular subject and show their expertise and ability to analyze, argue and prove their point. As a rule, this kind of personal statement is written for submitting to business and graduate schools.

How To Write a Personal Statement That Will Stand Out

The easiest way to write a personal statement that will satisfy you and the audience it is written for is to answer the following questions:

  • How is your life story different from the others? What original and untried ideas can you share? How can your experience be useful for others?
  • Which cases can present your personality in the most comprehensive way? They can be related to your family, friends, dreams, fears, etc.
  • Why does this niche attract you? What is so special about it for you? Where do you see yourself exactly? What makes you so sure this is the right choice?
  • How did you choose this field? Have your relatives or friends working in this niche? Did you read about it in the paper? Or is it just a pure dream from nowhere, like your calling?
  • Did you try working in this field as a volunteer or trainee? Did it change your attitude? Did you know something new and unexpected about it?
  • Do you know what you want to achieve in the foreseeable future?
  • Have you already met any challenges in your life? How did you overcome them?
  • Do you have rare strengths? What are they? Did they help you in life? How can they be beneficial for the field?
  • What differs you from the other candidates? Can you state at least a few features that will make graduate schools representatives choose you over others?
  • What are the most unbelievable yet amazing things you can share about you? What characteristics can help you be more than welcome on board?

It is hard to think through all these questions, but before deciding to buy essays online try to do it. It is not only helpful for writing a good sample of a personal statement, but also for discovering yourself.

Detailed Guide on Writing a Noticeable Personal Statement

After you are done with the questions, it is time to start writing a draft. To keep your narration logical and attention-grabbing, there are some tips to follow:

  1. Do not forget about the questions.

You answered the questions to get a clear understanding of what you can offer, what you need to share to achieve your goal. Follow your plan. And consider your writing a journey, not a path to a needed destination. Discover, explore, grow.

Keep it entertaining

The topics could be different, funny and simple, complicated and sad. Yet, you have to tell your story brightly. There is no worse thing than to make the committee want to sleep. Be controversial if needed.

Be prepared

If you are going to claim you are the best candidate to become a lawyer, be ready to prove it. Be honest, but accurate. If you show your uncertainty and confusion, the committee won’t choose you.

Be yourself

Do not try to be like someone else. You are unique, so bring this to the audience. Tell your own story, with all its flaws, failures, and disappointments. Describe your path. Your power is in your passion to make your dreams come true in your own way.

Stick to the routine

Follow the personal statement writing instructions. The most important part is the opening. Work on it hard. And then, do not jump from thought to thought. Build a logical narration free of grammar mistakes.

Be proud of yourself, but keep it objective

You have to show you are proud of the job you’ve done. It was not easy to read all those books, write essays independently instead of deciding to buy essay friend of yours has recommended. It was interesting but time-consuming to improve your writing and presentation skills.

Yet, do not get narcissistic. Keep it real, admit you have a lot to learn and there are new challenges ahead you don’t know whether you’ll meet them bravely. But you will do your best. You already do.

Personal statement is an essay that is purposed to promote you. Thus, it seems, it has to be like a manifest. Yes, it should include many of your good features, but it has to be sincere in the first place. As it is a characteristic that will never go out of fashion.