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STEM in 2019: main changes and students’ expectations of this year

STEM in 2019: main changes and students’ expectations of this year photo

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5 factors to dominate in 2019

Analyzing the data, we came up with the following five factors that predict the ways of STEM development in 2019:

  1. Improvement of teaching perceptions. According to the recent researches, parents don’t want their children to become teachers because this occupation is no more prestigious. However, the situation is going to change: soon, the educators will account 15% of lawmakers and some of them even protest against higher salaries. The scientists say that STEM teachers feel more satisfied with work than their colleagues from other disciplines so it is only a matter of time when this profession becomes popular again;
  2. Lack of teachers. The statistics say that 2018 had the highest rates of teacher shortages because of low salaries and a powerful economy that promises more interesting and gainful jobs. This problem will not disappear in 2019 so in order to fill the classrooms districts will take measures assigning incompetent teachers that can lead to bad results. The public supports teachers with emergency credentials to become fully certified in order to help districts with this deficit;
  3. More schools with a thriving environment. In most cases in schools, there is only one type of satisfied people: either teachers or students. The key point is that we need to create an environment where both of them can get advantages. This year we expect that administrators will take care of this building a stronger work environment that can have an impact on how we create schools in general;
  4. STEM as the future workforce. It is known that STEM skills and jobs lead to higher paychecks so it is directly connected to current and future career opportunities. This has already been discussed and the laws created so we hope that it keeps going this year too;
  5. A whole-child approach. The scientists and educators came up with a conclusion that STEM can serve as the ground for a well-rounded education. They state that STEM is not only about hard skills, it is rather a myth: instead, teachers combine physical, social, mental, emotional and cognitive development with traditional academics.

STEM is the best solution to collaborative work and experiments so in 2019 we expect it to take a leading role in strengthening mental skills.