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Indispensable Smartphone Applications for College Students

Indispensable Smartphone Applications for College Students photo

Best Apps to Turn Your Smartphone into Your Helper in College

Today, more than ever, there are multiple digital distractions that make the studying process even more complicated. Among them, millions of games and useless applications that distract students and are simply a waste of time. But, at the same time, there are plenty of apps that help develop memory, improve the ability to manage time, enhance comprehension, and even hone financial knowledge.

Instead of playing games and texting for hours, students can use much more useful and effective ways to utilize their smartphones to improve their college experience and writing essays. Below, we will describe five applications that are designed to help you organize, budget, and plan for the semester.

Istudiez Pro

This app is a sophisticated planner for students that helps better manage their time. It will help you keep track of your class schedules, homework assignments, group projects, social events, and much more. Eventually, you can become better organized and plan your time more effectively with this application.

Mint Personal Finance

Almost every student worries about his/her money, deciding on where to buy the cheapest course books, which products to buy and where, and so on. This app can help you organize your monthly expenses and track where your money actually goes. With Mint Personal Finance, you can input goals like “renting a better apartment” and “saving for a trip.” The application will then analyze your finances and map out what must be done to achieve the goal.

Study Buddy

As mentioned above, there are numerous distractions that you face while working on your academic assignments or preparing for an exam. Study Buddy is a personal study tracker that records distraction time during the studying process. Then, it sums up data and creates a graph that you can decipher. It also evaluates your study effectiveness and provides suggestions on how to improve it.


Taking notes is something that the study process cannot exist without. In the current digital age, Evernote allows students to take in-depth notes and saves them in a cloud-based storage system. You can then access your notes on any device, anywhere, at any time. As a result, your notes are perfectly organized, making the study process even more effective.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

This application is designed for those students who pull all-nighters or spend their nights partying and cannot wake up the next morning. This alarm will only shutoff as you pick it up and walk around for some time or solve a couple of math problems. Such activities stimulate your brain and physical body, thus helping you get to the early classes on time.

Here they are — five applications that can help you transform your potentially distracting cell phone into a helping tool for studying. They are not designed to guarantee the highest grades in all classes, but they definitely promote a more productive and successful college experience.